Trading in the dangerously volatile forex market can more often be fatal than triumph. In one of the reports it was stated that about 70% of traders overall loose money and keep hitting the blind alley again and again until they give up. The initiator of this website himself acquired the trading skills not without burning his fingers many a times, before achieving a reasonable percentage of success. The loss of fortune by the founder during his initial learning curve lead him to a decision of helping traders (new as well as oldies) to a successful jump start by giving trading tips & signals for free as well as on premium.

This website is aimed at generating  forex & gold (including black gold i.e oil) trade signals based on solid technical analysis for its visitors and subscribers 24/7 but only at most plausible opportune times for profitable trades and ALL THIS FOR FREE for limited time only. However, keeping in view the very nature of random timings of opportunity occurrence, it is advised to all visitors that either keep refreshing the webpage or get intimation through email / twitter / whatsapp by becoming a registered premium member.